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"Rape accusations ruin people’s lives!"

You know what else ruins people’s lives?

B e i n g r a p e d

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I try not to feel. To feel ripped off about my childhood. I never truly looked back until it was pointed out all I went through and what was dealt to me. A visit from my mother is supposed to be a good thing, healthy and happy. Full of love,
Memories to share again, full of laughter. I spent the last two days full of anxiety; anger, hate and low self esteem. The way my body is shouldn’t be reflectant on how much you love:hate me. When I’m “skinny” you love me, are PROUD of me. When I gain, I’m
Criticized to the point of breaking, I’m put down until I feel one inch tall. I shouldn’t feel like I need to starve for your approval. It hurts. I wish I was who you wanted me to be, but I can’t be that person. I am me. I’m
Sorry that’s not enough for you


Shannyn Sossamon